Alumni Card 

Terms and Conditions

Expectations (General, Health & Safety)

1. Applications for an Alumni Card will be considered on a case by case basis and there is no automatic right to be issued with a card. Your application for an Alumni Card may be rejected for reasons such as, but not limited to:

  • The University if unable to verify your academic qualification and association with the University of Westminster
  • There are outstanding fees on your student accountYou were expelled whilst at University on disciplinary grounds
  • You are undergoing, or have undergone, a disciplinary procedure during or after University.

2. In the interest of the security of all members of the University, alumni must show their alumni cards whenever they are requested. Loss of an alumni card must be reported immediately to the nearest reception desk and to the Alumni Office.

3. Alumni should take responsibility for the safety of their personal property, keeping valuables with them at all times. Unattended property will be removed by staff and deposited at the reception desk for reasons of security. Property will be held by the reception desk for a maximum period of 6 months before being destroyed by the University. Suspicious packages must be reported to the Building Services Manager, who will then contact the police.

4. University material, furniture and equipment must not be marked, changed or damaged in any way.

5. Alumni may not bring babies or children (under 18) onto the University’s premises except by special arrangement with the Building Services Manager. 

6. If the alarm sounds continuously, everyone should leave the building promptly by the nearest exit and follow instructions from staff.

7. In line with English law, the University has a No Smoking Policy and in the interest of all, smoking is restricted to a small number of designated outside areas, which are clearly signed.

8. Assistance dogs are the only animals that may be brought onto University premises.

9. Alumni cards must only be used by the issued card holder and cannot be passed on or used by other alumni or members of the public.

Non-exhaustive examples of breaches of the Regulations for Alumni Conduct

10. The Disciplinary Procedure may be invoked if an alumnus/alumna is alleged to have committed any action which interferes with the achievement of the University's objects as stated above, or which adversely affects the safety or well-being of the University's staff and/or students and/or visitors, or which may bring the University into disrepute. The following non-exhaustive list sets out examples of such misconduct.

11. Engaging in any conduct which prevents, obstructs or disrupts, or is intended to prevent, obstruct or disrupt: teaching, learning, assessment or research carried out within the University or on field work or industrial placement or similar; the administration of the University; the discharge of duties or activities by any members of the University staff or authorised visitor of the University; the holding or orderly conduct of any meeting or activity approved by the Court of Governors or officers authorised to do so on its behalf.

12. Assaulting, sexually harassing or otherwise threatening or insulting a student, or member of the University staff or authorised visitor of the University, or contravening the University's Diversity and Dignity at Work and Study Policy.

13. Misusing or damaging any learning materials (including computer misuse or unauthorised use), equipment, furniture, fittings, and services, including fire alarms and fire extinguishers or property belonging to or under the control of the University, or any student or member of staff of the University.

14. Committing a breach of the regulations, rules, policies or codes of practice of the University (or any part thereof), or disregarding the legitimate instruction of an authorised officer of the University.

15. Invading or abusing, or attempting to invade or abuse, the secrecy, integrity or privacy of any files or confidential material held by the University, including information held on the University's computer systems.

16. Being found guilty of any serious criminal offence such as is likely to damage the good name of the University, or, behaving in such a way as would amount to a criminal offence.

17. Taking any action likely to cause injury or distress to any person on University premises, or to impair the safety and security of those premises.

18. Taking part in any trespass against, or unauthorised occupation of, any part of the University premises. Occupation will be deemed to be unauthorised if continued after reasonable notice to desist has been given by, or on the authority of, the Vice-Chancellor, or if the student has occupied premises, or a part thereof, to which access by students is normally prohibited.

If any of the above terms and conditions are breached, the University, at its discretion, may evoke the Student Disciplinary Procedure. This may lead to the alumnus/alumna's alumni card and attached benefits and discounts being permanently removed.

Alumni card 

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